Reclaim Rubber

  • Natural Reclaim
  • High Tensile Reclaim
  • White and Color Reclaim
  • NBR, EPDM, Butyl, FKM
Reclaim / Reclaimed Rubber
Reclaim / Reclaimed Rubber
Reclaim / Reclaimed Rubber

What is Reclaim Rubber?

Reclaim or reclaimed rubber is any rubber recovered from vulcanized scrap rubber (as by grinding old tires and treating with alkali, oils, and plasticizers), often mixed with crude rubber for compounding. It is scrap rubber (natural or synthetic) that is prepared for reuse. The fragmented scrap is digested in hot caustic solution to which reclaiming agents are added.

Uses of Reclaim Rubber

Reclaim rubber is primarily used in producing mechanical rubber goods. It is also used in tyres, inner tubes, tyre lining, tyre repair, retreading, general moulding, belting, adhesives, mastics, footwear, sheeting, matting, belting, cable bedding compound, and sound reduction.