Our Global Partners

Parker Lord

A diversified technology and manufacturing company developing adhesives, coatings, motion management devices, and sensing technologies.


Covestro specializes in developing and producing high-tech cast polyurethanes in the brand names of Desmodur® & Vulkollan® systems & Baulé range of dispensing machines.


A specialty chemicals and advanced materials company engaged in manufacturing of Luperox® range of organic peroxides

Tecnoflon By Solvay

An advanced materials and specialty chemicals company dealing in Fluoroelastomers, committed to improving resource efficiency through connecting with our customers.

Cray Valley

Cray Valley is a leading developer of low molecular weight, functional additives


A provider of products and services for rubber and thermoplastic industries, engaged in the manufacturing of predispersed chemicals, dry liquids and pre-weighted material.


An Italian manufacturer of a complex range of elastomer curing agents.


They lead the way in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry globally. Imerys supports a diverse range of sectors, from construction and automotive to consumer goods.


Market leader for Paraffin waxes of varied use in a multitude of applications and anti-ozonant in rubber products.

Pan Continental-Chemical

Supplier of inorganic chemicals.

Zolf Industria

This brand is known for its sulphur oiling system, the result of internal know-how, which allows to obtain the perfect dispersion of the oil and the exact control of the additive.

Hangzhou Dikai

Mainly dealing with tire cord fabrics, the company owns a complete set of advanced equipment for polymerization, spinning, twisting, weaving and dipping.

Bio Carbon

Clean & Green Process Technology for carbon black


Polichemi specialises in micronization service to convert synthetic rubber to powder rubber as per customized size and composition.